Is your competition beating you with SEO?
Let us change that!

Save $1500 or more on Up Front Fees

SEO Design
min $250.00
$50.00 per page.

w/ shopping cart
min $2000
$100 per page.

No adult - drugs - racial - hate or illegal sites even considered.

$250 per month

$200 per month
This will give you between 180 and 240 links per month and is needed for SEO

Free Domain Name
Free Hosting
Every company
needs a website.

But if your customers can't find your website then why have one?
The Alliance uses all
avenues of advertising to insure your site is visible.

Bottom line:
"More customers for you."

Also Available

Content Writing
Social Networking
RSS Feeds
Visitor Tracking

The Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Alliance of Portland, Oregon is dedicated to bringing the finest in Internet Consulting to every company, large or small, at a price they can afford. Our SEO services offer a 125% money back guarantee if we do not place you on the front pages of the search engines under your agreed upon keywords. We stand behind our work and are confident in our abilities. If our competition says we can not guarantee you a top 10 position just ask them one question. "Why not?"

Why are most Internet Consultants content with a 1% conversion rate?

92% of all searchers never get past the first page of the search results for any given keyword. Just having a website does not guarantee that anyone will see you. On the average you have less than 2 seconds to show your visitor that you can provide the information or services they are looking for. If you sell shovels and someone comes onto your site you have to realize that they do not want a shovel, they want a hole. If your website is not optimized toward this solution you just lost a customer.

Building your site for maximum optimization and marketing is a difficult undertaking. When your site is finally on the web and available to your customers the work does not stop. A good SEO expert realizes that this is just the first step and that SEO is an ongoing strategy and not a project that will end. Just as your competition is working to get ahead of you, work on your site must continue to stay ahead of the times.

Every company deserves Search Engine Optimization that is affordable for even the smaller businesses