Search Engine Marketing Code of Ethics

The SEO Alliance has become a leader in the internet marketing industry by setting an example for others. We only implement legitimate and ethical search engine optimization and marketing practices. We do believe that by using ethical and necessary SEO and SEM practices, The Alliance will benefit all including website owners, Internet searchers, search engines, and the web in general by providing a high degree of quality and value.

The Alliance will take into consideration the viewing habits of your potential clients and provide a website that will be easy to navigate and determine the best strategies for your web business. All of our marketing and optimization campaigns include the following essential items:

The Alliance will not use unethical tricks and methods that may offer short term results but will put your website at risk of being penalized or banned from major search engines. We will only use ethical search engine optimization methods to move you to the top of the search engines and keep you there.

The Alliance prohibits the following unethical methods

The Alliance follows a professional approach at all times. If any webmaster performs unethical marketing of a client's site, it could have a long lasting negative business effect for that client that can not be fixed.