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When I started working in Search Engine Marketing and Internet Consulting I fell into the accepted logic that ½% to 3% conversion is normal. For some reason I could not accept this figure. If I had a store in a mall could I stay in business if less than 1% of the customers that came in actually bought from me?

There had to be a way not only to track a visitor that comes to your site but to lead them in the direction you want them to take. The objective of this was to increase sales to 30% or more by analyzing traffic. Once I saw where my visitors were going I started tweaking my site to get the desired result. After a few months of statistics I was able to increase my phone calls from 5 per month to 10 or 12 per day. All of this without increasing traffic. What would this do to your business?

The bottom line is that I do not design a site for myself or even for you but for your customers and what they are doing. After all if they are not happy with what they see the next site is just a back button away. If you have 1000 visitors a month and they all leave without buying, your site may as well be on page 500 because you will have the same results.

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