Social Media Optimization and Marketing

Social Media Marketing and Optimization is a field very few Internet Marketing Consultants know much about and even fewer yet take advantage of. This is a growing area and a virtual gold mine for those that know how to use it properly.

Recently I was having coffee at the Veterans Hospital with several other disabled vets and chatting about the internet and how much we like the interaction of social media. With a combined experience of almost 50 years of internet it didn't take us long to start discussing how we can make this knowledge work for many different companies. It would allow small or large businesses to talk to their customers instead of at them. I think at this point was when the SEO Alliance was born.

We are providing the fastest growing source of advertising, and the oldest -"word of mouth" advertising- to companies that can not afford to hire and train an employee for their company to do the job we are experts in. This is now an area that allows every company to prosper in. They can laser target their markets and have people willing to spread the word about their company, which is the greatest advertising available.

I believe that Social Media Optimization is the merging of search engine optimization, social marketing, traditional media and combined they create a new force in online marketing.

The typical media is broadcasted along a less socially avenue. They send their messages to a large, less defined audience with little or no interaction between the company and the customer. Social media is focused directly on the conversation with the consumer. When a company posts a blog about their product they can get immediate feedback from customers and can instantly act upon this information. This has never been available before and has created a relationship that is invaluable to your business.

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